My Background

Bay Area Native

I grew up in Los Altos till the age of 13 then moved to Woodside until University.  Upon return I resided shortly in Woodside then moved to Los Altos Hills, my home for the last 5 years.  Growing up in neighboring Los Altos I understand the value of our semi-rural lifestyle.  I have a deep appreciation for trees, vegetation, natural landscapes, and a thinking/creative mindset.

Both sets of my grandparents live in Los Altos Hills. My Mother’s side has lived in Los Altos Hills for 50 years, Father’s for 20 years.  


At University my major was Business Administration.  I participated in several entrepreneurial competitions, one of these competitions was the Innovation Challenge competition.  I was selected as an Innovation Challenge finalist for one of my inventions the "X-Scan."  The system is a border scanning device for passenger vehicles.  This non invasive and safe technology will be installed at all passenger vehicle border crossing lanes for use in the prevention of drugs and currency entering or exiting the United States of America.

I have an additional 30 innovative inventions and or ideas.  New ideas come extremely easy to me.    These range from high tech inventions to epic movie scripts to food items.  I really cannot go into much detail about these exciting products as the majority stem as startups.

Translated into our City Council I am able to provide a unique stable vision and viewpoint.  Ideas can come to me within a matter of seconds after a discussion, one of my specialities.

Demolition Project Manager

I have managed some of the largest demolition projects in Northern California.  

High profile publicized projects such as Apple Park, Golden 1 Arena, Kaiser Hayward, and Vantage V6 Data Center. 

Project managed over 80 demolition projects in the past 5 years.

I have a vast understanding of reviewing budget, plans, specs, detailed cost pre-planning, goal setting, and maintaining production goals. I maintain an excellent track record of reputation, likability, trust, accurate preplans/cost reports/work in progress, and maximizing profitability.  I understand time management and the importance of each task. In addition I understand contracting inclusions and exclusions including gray areas.  I will be able to keep a watchful eye over spending allocation as this is my job. 

Furthermore I am an effective communicator in all aspects not just limited to Project Management.  Communication and relationships within my organization or with clients is respectful and presents professionalism. 

I will bring the positive  relations, ora, presence, and professionalism shared at work with you and the entire community.  I expect nothing short of long term relationships and hope to continue and maintain a long standing record of public service.

My Grandfather and his brothers stuck together for 53 years and collectively grew their general engineering/demolition corporation.  I work for their company, today Ferma Corporation employees 200 workers.  We are one of the premier general engineering demolition contractors.  All Forturne 500 companies hire us to perform their demolition projects.  This includes Facebook, Google, the list goes on...

I will make our Town beyond excellent, and I will be honored to receive your vote.  Thank you!


Gym, yoga, electronic music production, spending time with loved ones and family, learning