My Goals


-Residents and volunteers can come to me, they are the ones that know what's going on;  I will be all ears.


I am going to bring my vast Project Management experience and expertise to the town council. I manage all aspects of projects including financials, the project, and all client communication. I am an expert in construction and can apply what I know to any dispute resolution.  Secondly I am bringing my business owner experience.  My experience in the tech sector of owning a computer company and multiple venture start ups make me an experienced leader.  Everyone in the community will benefit from my experience and thinking brain.  Any knowledge that the other two candidates possess about time served on committees I can learn in 10 minutes and then improve! 

I exhibit healthy lifestyle practices and take interest in everyone's well being.  I am  a select candidate for Los Altos Hills.

One of the best parts about me running for office is I have no personal selfish agendas.  Im honestly running to benefit society and our world.


-I have some great ideas for reducing construction noise.  There are new backup alarms that are not noticeable outside of a construction site.  We all know that annoying sound "Beep Beep Beep."  Click the link to find out what I'm talking about regarding the new technology in backup alarms.

We can use a new town ordinance to hold contractors to this standard.  These backup alarms are OSHA approved and quieter than standard backup alarms. 

To review I would set up an ordinance that new less audible backup alarms must be used on machinery equipment such as skid steers/loaders/backhoe.  Contractors can easily modify their equipment to comply. This backup alarm is less audible and not as annoying.

-I am going to keep Los Altos Hills clean with my experience on hazardous materials. I want to make our town pristine in all ways, this goes beyond making sure the streets and paths are SPOTLESS. Environmental issues such as creek water quality, drinking water quality, and SWPPP proper installation for construction projects.  I want to perform random soil/sediment testing in our creeks with analytical testing on VOC's, TPH, Asbestos, CAM17.

Respectively non-abbreviated this means: Volatile Organic Compounds, Diesel/Motor Oil, Asbestos, Heavy Metals.  

Testing will ensure creeks are healthy and children or adult can venture without concern.

-I want to address the concerns of the residents, volunteers, and committee members impartially with solutions to any and all issues.  I want to introduce fresh ideas that the residents and I have brainstormed and implement.

-I can improve town technology and hold the expectation of a functioning government.

-I will ensure proactive management results across the board including in our government, and check our current systems in place to make sure everything is running as efficiently as possible. I am after all a project manager. We look for processes’ that can be improved and made more efficient. This includes money management, and I’m VERY good at money management. I care about how much things cost. I don’t like to waste money unnecessarily.

No one will be able to screw over any project that the city puts out, and you can be sure that I will monitor the dollars.

-I want to build a more close community within Los Altos Hills.  I am very close to my family and want to extend the same sort of web throughout the community.

-Speaking to residents door to door I have seen a common theme of various other concerning issues.  I have written these down and am sharing them here with you and soon hopefully with the City Council: fire safety/prevention, town safety, police presence, mail theft/burglary, dead/dying trees, high speed internet, weeds behind properties, mother-in-law quarters, excessive speeding in neighborhoods, a community center.

I will continually improve proactively all of the above mentioned list items.  

I have an excellent high tech idea that can catch criminals!  No invasive privacy, data gathering or anything!  

In addition we can mitigate speeding issues case by case basis with appropriate mitigation such as the installation of a sign or a minor speed bump in areas children reside and speeding is present.

-I will bring level ground to the council chambers. Listening to the experts in our town that serve on committees and volunteer, I am going to give voice to them. 

-The other reason I need your vote is quite significant. Our country is in a major deficit.   There isn’t much time to correct and balance the budget. Once I display all the improvements to our town I could carry onto higher positions of power where change can be made at the Federal level. I can't stand to see the debt per person continue to increase higher and higher. Also the fossil fuels issue we need more individuals who are for renewable energy solutions, I happen to be one of those people. 

I am going to ensure that America has a bright future.  Our budget is out of wack and its time to lay down the hammer.  

Lastly our country harmony is not unified.  I have the skills, mindset, determination, and character to bring a peaceful state to our world.

I would appreciate your vote for the November 2018 election.  Lets make some big changes!  Thank you!

UPDATE:  10/29/18

I thought of a new idea today for the town.  We designate a plot of town land as a community small orchard.  The following would be planted as small trees to eventually grow larger: apple trees, orange trees, avocado trees, persimmon trees, cherry trees.  There would be a row of each kind of fruit tree.  Anyone in the community could go to this location and pick fruit for their home.  We will all know that no pesticides would be used.   This would be a excellent community bonding experience and great example to our children.  A simple drip irrigation system could be setup, the cost for such a system are pretty minimal. The trees would be small in size initially, I couldn't imagine anymore cost than $25,000.00.  Let me know your thoughts.